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Personal Number Plates

Five Common Misconceptions Regarding Personal Number Plates

If you think that personal registration is reserved just for the rich and famous or very wealthy, and beyond the means of people with more modest incomes, then you need to read this article.

There are numerous misconceptions and beliefs that individuals have regarding private number plates. However, we think of personal registration plates as being much more than merely a sign of one’s wealth, and that there are several useful and meaningful purposes that they can serve as well.

Below we have outlined five of the more common misconceptions regarding personal plates and provided an explanation of why these beliefs are so commonly held and what the actual truth is behind all of the myths and fiction.

Personal Number Plate

1. The Only People Who Can Afford To Get Personal Number Plates Are The Super-Wealthy

If you’ve ever read a press story about someone paying a huge sum of money to get a personal reg, then it isn’t too difficult to think this is what is normal.
Although it is true that that are certain personalised number plates that are highly sought after and very expensive, truthfully a vast majority of them are quite affordable and much less expensive than most people think.

For example, the 15 EXY number plate (I SEXY or 1 SEXY) might retail for about £95,000. However, there is a multitude of similar kinds of plates that cost less than one hundred of that cost.

As an example, one of the most popular types of private number plates are name themed ones. So, for example, if you wanted to use ‘Susan,’ there are many SU54 AN plates that are available at about £1,000. There are also numerous other names that are available as well, and frequently there are a number of different ways that the plate can be formatted. The changes made can help with altering the prices so that the cost is lowered even more.

In summary, personal number plates have become so diverse in both their range and scope that they have become affordable for a growing number of individuals. Although there are still very valuable and highly sought after plates that are very rare and popular, these are the exceptions to the rule instead of being the norm.

There are nearly as many reasons for purchasing personalised plates as the number of plates that exist, and most of the reasons don’t involve being egotistical!

2. The Only Individuals With Personal Plates On Their Vehicles Are Those Who Like To Show Off

This mistaken belief is obviously linked to our first point above. People think that someone displaying personal numbers on their car just does it to show off or flaunt their wealth to other motorists.

That attitude is one that is fairly unusual to take, since there are so many personalised plates that are readily available for only a couple hundred pounds and are able to be transferred over several vehicles lifespans.

As an example, if you were to spend £500 on dvla number plates and every 5 years change your vehicle but keep the plates for the next five purchases that you make, that would mean you would have personalised plates for 25 years. It would cost you on average approximately £20 per year.

When viewed from this perspective, the power that a personal registration number has for self-promotion purposes is definitely reduced.

For many individuals, having a personal reg is the final thing that they add to their car. After all, if you have worked hard all of your life and finally have been able to buy your dream car, why not splurge a little and personalise it according to your personal taste? From that viewpoint, private number plates are a way to celebrate your achievements and are an extension of your own personality since they provide your vehicle with a unique flair.

As will be detailed below, there are numerous reasons why individuals might decide to get personal plates that don’t have anything to do with shameless self-promotion or flaunting wealth.

3. Changing Personal Plates On A Car Is An Expensive And Long Process

Many people think that swapping your ordinary plate out for a personal registration involves a complex, long and expensive process. However, the process is actually very easy to follow.

After you have selected and purchased your personalised registration, a ‘certificate of retention’ (V778) or ‘certificate of entitlement’ (V750) will be issued to you to prove that you have purchased it and have the right for using the personalised number.

Assigning the number to your vehicle is the only left to do. To do that you just send it to the DVLA in Swansea and include either the V778 or V750 document to prove that you own the personal number plate, along with the vehicle’s registration certificate (Form V5C), and if your motorbike or car is more than 3 years old, you will also need to send in a valid MOT certificate.

After your information has been received, the DVLA might wish to inspect your car. They will contact you if they do. If they don’t, then your new personal plate should be approved within two weeks, and all the items you need in order to make the change legal and official will be sent to you.

4. After Your car Is Sold That Has Your Personal Number Plates On It, The Registration For the Plates Is Automatically Transferred To The New Owners As Well

Some people have the misconception that when your registration on a vehicle is first transferred as described above, that this number must stay with that same vehicle even when it is sold.

That is totally false and a complete myth. Your personal plate can easily be transferred to any other vehicle that you buy. All you need to do is complete form V317, which is the application for retaining or transferring a vehicle number document.

When you purchase a car that you will be transferring the personal plates to, both registered keepers are required to complete the application. All you need to do is send the document by post along with your new vehicle’s registration certificate, the £80 transfer fee and a valid MOT certificate, if required. Then the DVLA will easily and quickly process it for you.

After you purchase your plates, then can be transferred as many times as you want. They are a lifelong purchase, unlike your vehicle.

5. I Will Never Be Able To Find A Personal Reg That Suits My Needs Within My Price Range

As we have seen already, personal number plates do not have to be expensive to purchase. However, if you still think that it is going to be prohibitively expensive for you to find a plate that suits what you want, then contacting an expert on the subject is definitely something you should do.

There are personal number plate experts that can assist you with finding a plate that suits your personal requirements at an affordable price. There are numerous reasons for purchasing a plate, it could be because a certain set of numbers and letters are significant to you, due to the owner’s personality or name or have comedic value.

By examining all of the possible plates that are available for you, many of which may be a reflection of what you envision, our staff can help clients find the perfect private registration at an affordable price for their vehicle.

With the thousands of various personal number plates that are available for different budgets, visiting a specialist website and getting easy-to-follow, clear advice regarding the complete process can help you locate the best personal plates for you. It can certainly prove to be a wise, long-term investment.

Personalised Number Plates and Their Allure

When it comes to customising a vehicle, a quick thing that stands out are personalised number plates. Most people don’t even consider them since it seems too much of a hassle to obtain or simply they cannot afford it. With companies like ours that specialise in this to fit your need and budget, there shouldn’t be any reason not to consider this option and show the world you’re a person who isn’t afraid of truly expressing yourself.

Now we have that roadblock out of the way, what are the options available? This really comes down to imagination as there are hundreds of pre-set themes readily available to choose from. Love animals? How about a favourite sports team? To really be unique, one can take these themes and then add words or numbers to stand out even more. You can even choose naughty words to use, but the DVLA have withdrawn quite a lot of these before they come to the market.

personalised number plates

Slogans, well known phrases or even your own name are just some suggestions. A loved one can be cruising around town, put on display on your new private plate! While the options are quite endless, once you’ve committed to this direction, one should seriously consider the thought needed for this decision. Marking a memorable occasion such as your partner’s birthday or the birth of your baby can not only help you stand out but serve as a reminder of these events. Never worry about missing that special day and paying the consequences afterwards!

While the above is more serious, you are also free to be more playful about this. Some get witty and place numbers only known to them and their family members, but others stay more traditional and put on one’s favourite musical band or high school nickname.

One should also consider using this opportunity to promote their business and brand. The more eyes the better as they say in the marketing world so this would be a smart investment for those who know the value.

Now we know your mind is racing with ideas so let’s address some other concerns that might come up. First being the ability to transfer the DVLA plate to another vehicle. Who wants to spend the money on this when it will be lost with the purchase of a new car? The answer is a personalised number plate can be transferred over to any vehicle. Feel free to take it with you whatever you decide to use as transportation.

Earlier we mentioned the fact that personal number plates can be expensive. If budget is a concern, one can purchase a low cost un-issued number plate instead of fully customising it. This really represents a great value as one can find some unique number combinations which are still available and actually mean something to the owner. For those who desire something more unique, then the costs do go up but speaking with a broker can offer you choices you may not have on your own.

With over 45 million car registrations available on our website, one can surely find a personalised number plate hassle free and completely secure. Find the perfect plate for you here today.