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DVLA Number Plates and How to Go About Buying Them

Personalised DVLA number plates are used throughout the UK. The term refers to describing number plates which do not technically carry any numbers on them. They do not reflect the year in which they were issued but are used to reflect an individual’s personality.

These plates are sometimes called dateless private plates. This is because they come in an array of formats which include letters and numbers but no suffix indicate the year of issuance.

The order of the numbers and letters on personalized plates can be reversed, so they can read ZAA 122 instead of 122 ZAA. There are sets of number combinations held back from the public use since 1983. These personalised plates can be purchased online through the DVLA and some of them are highly desirable and valuable.

The first few registrations issued in the UK were A1s because of being the first to use the letter and number combination in 1903.  These still exist today and are capable of getting about £ 5m in today’s money. The story of the first A1 plate is rather interesting and shows just how Brits valued these plates the moment they were first issued.

A Mr. Earl Russell wanted to receive the very first A1 registration. He stood outside the DVLA long ago for an entire night hoping to ensure he would have the very first plate. He received it and is thought of as something of a visionary today. He knew that plates like this would be significant and carry value in the future.

DVLA Number Plates

A1 plates sell for high prices when they come up for sale. This is mostly due to the historical significance that they obviously have. Still, different personalised plates also command high sales prices.  Chelsea football owner Roman Abramovich paid over 285 thousand pounds for a VIP 1 plate. It had been commissioned for the Pope’s visit to Ireland and certainly had its historical significance which Abramovich saw and acted upon when the plate came up for sale.

In another similar incident, a businessman called Mike Mc Coomb purchased an M1 plate in 2006. This may not sound significant, but he paid £ 330,000 for it for his six-year-old son. It was the most expensive plate ever purchased up to that date. The record broke when another businessman paid over a hundred thousand pounds more for an F1 plate in 2008.

There are many DVLA number plates that are still available. Many command six figures while others are a bit more conservatively valued. Still, the market for them is so demanding, these plates simply seem to grow in price and value.

Still, there are DVLA plates available for affordable prices. These make up the majority of DVLA personalised plates. If you are thinking you must have a plate like this, we have experts that can comb through a huge inventory of available plates and find you one you want that meets your budget.

Finding Personal Number Plates for Your Budget

As you may have realized by now, number plates are not exactly personalised in the sense that they have a name on them. In fact, as mentioned, some of them are referred to as dateless, too, leaving even less room for any type of personalization.

Dated plates, however, can be personalised. There are many reasons individual owners want to choose what markings appear on the registration plates. You can purchase plates that have initials on them, for instance, and these can be traditional “dated” plates with the registration dates affixed to the end of the initials.

What is interesting is even plates that have numbers that are designated at the time of issuance do not seem to be any less in demand because only half the numbers on the plate are personalised.
Cherished plates can be just about anything you want them to be. Different numbers can, of course, have more significance for one person than the next.

A parent who wishes to celebrate the birth of their son may choose something like F 282  AN. The F could stand for the month of February when he was born, the 2 the date and the 82 the year. AN could be left as his surname initials.

You can choose just about any combination of available numbers and letters to make a plate stand out for the reasons you wish. It can designate a happy time or a special occasion. Or, it can indicate a lucky number or something along those lines.

Your individual perspective will determine what the dated plate means to you. Never forget that you can buy a DVLA number plate and it can still have significance. Again, use the lucky number idea in the preceding paragraph and you will understand. If your lucky number is 444, that could appear somewhere within the plate for added good luck whenever you drive.

Sometimes, people find it is more fun to get creative with plates by using numbers to represent letters. BUILDER, for example, could appear on a plate with a BU11DER. The ones obviously equal two letter Ls.

Ones are easy to use for the letter I as well.  Twos are ideal for Z or S. Threes can stand for E, but that, of course, has to be read backwards. Fives are perfect for S’s and nines make perfect letter G symbols. Still, there are ways to get creative with the number and letter combinations you pick.

There is no limit to how you make your numbers work as letters. Just get creative. When you use a number in this manner you can turn dated plates into personalised items which can be of great value to you in sentiment. You never know, too, your plate may one day become valuable for other reasons in the eye of another beholder and become even more valuable.

It should be noted that while funny plates are acceptable, the DVLA will do what it can to make sure that any potentially rude messages are taken out of circulation if they even slip through the registration cracks. If you are curious about these you might be able to find some rare ones that have made it online for viewing purposes.

In fact, the most famous one was something that spelled out a male organ using numbers for letters as well as letters. The Corvette owner who bought this plate was able to get it through the DVLA, but it is rare that rude plates do get made at all.

There are several official DVLA number plates available, but we stock a range of plates which can be personalised the way in which you want so that you have something to cherish wherever and whenever you are out on the motorways.

Use our website to scroll through the different items we have and find the ones that speak most to you. Whether they are official or not, we are sure you will get a good deal of enjoyment from displaying them on your vehicle.